Buying a Property in Malaysia: How to

After graduating college you found a job. You married your friend. You and your now spouse decided that it is probably high time to buy a house. How to choose a property? What are the things that you needed to know and do when buying a property for sale in Malaysia?

Is it the right time to buy properties during these tough times? This is the right time to buy properties when people are not buying. During tough times prices has dropped and owners and landlords are billing to adjust the prices accordingly. If you are looking at a long term perspective this is the best time to buy a property in Malaysia.

Do a background check on the housing developer. Not every developer is created equal. To earn a license, you need to make a sale of 4 houses. Ten years ago no developer can make a sale of more than 4 houses or properties. And also consider checking the Housing Development Control and Licensing Act for blacklisted developers. Let us hope your developer is not one of them.

Understand the cost of purchasing a property in cheras . There are few costs here that you must understand. When you want to buy a property the first that you need to know is the price. They call it the purchase price. The amount is paid first for the ten percent as a down payment. It is necessary as well to pay the booking fee which is usually two to three percent depending on how much is set for you. You will be given two weeks to complete the rest of the ten percent. You will be asked to pay for the rest, the ninety percent according to the schedule set for you. The schedule will be found at the back of the Sales and Purchase Agreement. You will receive a copy of billing later on. But on the good side there are so called legal fees which will give you 25% discount according to HDA and required by the Legal Processing Act. Disbursement includes stamp duty fees, transportation, registration fees and miscellaneous fees.

Go and look out for more than 100 properties before you decide to make a purchase. By looking at multiple properties you can get a better understanding of each area, better understanding of what properties actually worth and you can ensure that you buy a property that is going to move you towards your financial goals not something that you're going to pay too much money for.

Don't forget to research the area. Just because you live outside of Kuala Lumpur doesn't mean you know what the property market is like. This is to make sure that you know how this is going to perform in the future. Know about villa for rent in kualalumpur here!